Bray Lake Watersports


Course Price: £120


Learn to sail in more challenging conditions

This module will introduce you to the dynamic and adrenalin pumping world of sailing with more power whilst hooked into a trapeze.

The session will be fun yet practical, based purely on coaching and personal development with no assessement involved.

  • You will learn when and how to use a spinnaker
  • You will cover all the necessary theory and safety considerations
  • You will be shown how to wear and use a trapeze harness correctly, adjust the trapeze wire, hook in and out of the harness and maintain control whilst out on the wire.

By the end of the session you should be more confident in the use of spinnaker and trapeze.

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Course Price: £120

This advanced module will make you into a more competent and confident sailor, capable of coping with more challenging conditions. In this module you will cover:

  • Reefing afloat
  • Recovering a man overboard
  • Dealing with adverse conditions
  • All necessary theory

Ultimately you will be able to make appropriate decisions when required and increase your self reliance.

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