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Final Dakhla Installment for 2011

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Greetings from Berkshire!

We are now back from Dakhla it has been an awesome trip. In 5 weeks of windsurfing we only had 3 lightwind days! Now we really can’t complain but as it turned out one of these days was our last day. I was so close to landing burners the day before (with zero blood sugar) that I felt sure I would get one on the final day. The wind gods however decreed that it was not to be. Ricky was in a similar place with his funnels. Hopefully we will get a good solid westerly blow soon so I can get up to West Kirby and try them again.

Over the course of the trip I learnt loads of new moves and very nearly completed my list, with only the burner really left on there. I kind of swapped airfunnells out because I wanted to concentrate on the burners. Now that my ducking is much better I think that I can pick them up pretty quickly.

Ricky also learnt loads. He learnt Flakkas, Punettas and clew first punnettas. Please watch this space for our video. I have started on the editing so it shouldn’t be too long.

Hugh’s windsurfing improved loads he is now starting to experiment with carve gybes and chop hops. He is also going to write a piece about Dakhla from an intermediates perspective and to talk about the off the water stuff from a new perspective.

The second half of the trip we were staying in the Rio Aguila Kitesurf Camp. It seemed like luxury to what we were used so a big thanks to the guys there. I would also like to mention Colin, Freya, Ken and Carmen who were amazingly kind and helpful to us throughout our trip. For any expert advice on Dakhla do contact Freya though For any windsurf  or general advice on Dakhla please do get in contact with us through Bray Lake!

We are all ready plotting a trip for next year. For flat water and unbelievable winds, in the summer, nowhere really compares.

Thanks for reading!

Contributed by: Jack