Winter in Dahab – Club Trip

The trip got off to a good start, with everyone getting on the water to enjoy the windsurfing Dahab has to offer.  Its was very quiet this week, with only 5 other guests in the centre, so its 3:1 maximum in each teaching group, a great treat for the groups from Bray Lake.

James’ brother and friend, Andrew and Rich were not sure whether to do much windsurfing, but when the only female in the Neilson team announced she was to be teaching the Start windsurfers this week they quickly decided to give it more of a go!  After a good first morning with Kat, they told her not to be offended but beer and a sunbed would be their afternoon plan, also not to worry for they’d definitely be back for more tomorrow!!

Ollie and Emma were lucky to have Hasan to themselves and got out to work on using the harness, improving those tacks and most importantly to the whole group it seems, learn to go faster!!! Both really enjoyed their lessons and very excited for more to come.  Mark and Tom were pleased to have Ben as an instructor and had a brilliant day blasting around, finding the footstraps for the first times and arguing over who was fastest.  David and James got Kamal to themselves for the morning, and then in the afternoon James and I took the tandem out to speedy for a play!  It was really great fun with plenty of wind to get us flying around and surprisingly we managed some rather smooth turns too!!

Tandem windsurfing

In the evening we enjoyed a meal in town with some delicious food and a few drinks, the banter was hilarious, the group, who mostly met each other on the flight over, seemed to get on like they have been friends for years! A good night was had by all and no complaints of any sore heads after those first couple of evenings!

Wednesday was a lighter day for wind but the guys got out and made them most of what wind there was, with a windier forecast ahead.  More dinner plans in town for tonight and a trip to Tree Bar for some pool and dancing is in the plan for afters.

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