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UKWA Weymouth 2013

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

It was an awesome event, loads of wind. On Saturday afternoon the wind was 50 gusting 60 knots. I had a mixed bag of results. I started awfully and was dead last after the first round but by the end of day one I had fought back to second in the amateurs.

On the Sunday I had a funny old day. Before heats started a slalom sailors board got blown down the beach and put a decent sized hole in my sail. I didn’t sail particularly badly all day and felt very aggrieved with the judges in some of the heats. I ended up 5th in the amateurs which is not to bad considering that on the Sunday I was very disadvantaged doing switch on port tack in serious chop. I did feel that I deserved a little better though and maybe I should start quibbling! With it being the amateur fleet though arguing feels a bit much and I was trying to live by the moto ‘what goes around comes around’.

The plan for the winter is that I am really going to work on simple moves like spocks and loops for next years series and hopefully I will fare a little better. Kieran Roans has dominated the amateur fleet once again. He is super consistent and always lands 5 or more solid, clean moves per heat. I just need to try and get closer to him in terms of consistency for next year and you never know.

Thanks for reading, Jack K108

Contributed by: Jack S

Worthing UKWA

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

I came into the Worthing UKWA quite well warmed up for once. Saturday’s forecast was looking really good if not a little too good!

jack_sawbridgeFor those of you who don’t know me, punctuality is not my strong point, but for once I arrived at the event with time for a warm up. I was on fire in the warm up on my new 4.4 Severne Freek but was getting  way too stacked for much freestyle on the way in and was often getting slammed on shakkas. I was really banking on my shakkas to pay off for me today because usually they are consistent. Also the conditions were set up perfectly to do massive shakkas on starboard tack with the chop/waves. As it was still early I backed the forecast and changed down to 3.6 Severne S1 for the heats. This meant I had the smallest sail up out of the competitors (except for the kids). It was the right call and I planed the whole time through all my heats.

My first heat I sailed ok. I landed 2 loops on the way out, and very nearly managed a half switch kono on the way in. I also did some really big shuvitts but the shakka remained illusive. It is all very well controlling shakkas on flat water, when you are not too stacked but they can prove really tricky to control when you are staked and get masses of height off a wave. The heats were only 5 minutes which literally flies by, especially when you are rushing. I was a little gutted to discover that I came 4th, the conditions were super choppy so I was a little surprised. If I had gotten the Kono or the Shakka I would certainly have been in right up there.

My second heat I thought I sailed much the same but somehow managed to come 2nd. Maybe my shuvitts and loop were a bit higher. Usually I only managed 2 or 3 runs in and out in my heats. This makes things very stressful if you crash early! In the third heat, that was exactly what I did, got a bit flustered and only managed one very wet loop and dodgy shuvits. This condemned me to 4th place again and 3 heats sailed, no shakkas!

Sadly this was the last of the action as far as heats were concerned because of high tide and the shore-dump.

Overall I came 3rd equal with Ben Lee, behind Kieren Roan and Ollie Acton. Phil Richards sailed very well in the pro fleet and was narrowly pipped by Oscar Carmichael. I did manage some more windsurfing in the evening with Ricky when he came down. Sundays forecast was not looking promising so against my will 4 of us ended up in a bar in Worthing until the early hours.

Great weekend! fingers crossed for some wind in Eastbourne!

Contributed by: Jack K108

BSUPA 2011 National Championships

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Watergate Bay 15th & 16th October

Britain’s stand-up paddlesurf (SUP) champions will be decided in a winner-takes-all national championship event at Watergate Bay in October (download poster).

The Extreme Academy will host the British Stand Up Paddle Association (BSUPA) championships on the weekend of 15th and 16th October 2011 in an event which will attract the UK’s best exponents of this emerging form of surfing.

Competitors will take part in two different disciplines, with divisions for men and women. A long-distance ocean paddle race will see competitors cover up to five miles, requiring skill, technique and stamina; while wave-riding skills will be tested in a performance surfing competition.

Competition organiser Richard Marsh said: “Watergate Bay is one of the UK’s premier watersports venues; from its consistent surf conditions to the natural amphitheatre, it gives competitors the opportunity to showcase their skills, and spectators the chance to see the action.”

The surfing competition in which competitors will show off their tricks on the waves will take place on Saturday, with the distance race from Watergate Bay to Porth and back taking place on Sunday.

Also taking place on the Sunday is the Westcountry Watersports Wave Expression competition, followed at 3pm by a prize giving ceremony.

As well as competing for the championship, the surfers will also battle it out for the coveted title of ‘Watergate Bay Waterman’ sponsored by The Beach Hut. This fiercely coveted title will be awarded to the competitor with the highest combined score from both the men’s wave and distance competitions, who will win a meal for two at The Beach Hut restaurant.

For more information on the event go to – for entries please contact the event organiser, Richard Marsh, by emailing

Freestyle in Fuerteventura

Monday, August 1st, 2011

The extract below is from Phil and Danielle’s (ex-Bray staff) blog,  click here for the full story.

Phil and I arrived in Fuerteventura on the 4th July, following our time in Lanzarote for the Freestyle competition hosted there, Phil’s debut on the PWA world tour. With 18 days spare to train for the next event we were both really excited to get on the water and check out the conditions. Our first day on the water was a bit of a shock, arriving at Rene Egli centre 2 to find our friends from the UK and Austria, welcomed by a sand storm in the car park and enough wind for even the bigger guys to be easily overpowered on my 3.3! Little did I realise this was the only sail I would be needing for the next 2.5 weeks as Fuerteventura delivered its relentless conditions exhausting all windsurfers who had come to play.

Phil RichardsAn important part of our training became days off, as we struggled with sore muscles, shoulders, tennis elbow and bruises from all sorts of wipeouts. Early nights became mandatory, as did a large supply of food in the car to keep us energised and help us maximise our sessions. We aimed to train at the competition location as much as possible to get good practise in the sailing area ready for the event.

This area, at Rene Egli Windsurf Centre 1, has mostly cross off wind, small swell coming in with waves breaking close to the shore and on the way out swell and the most amount of chop I have ever known to test us on port tack. For my spocks on the outside it became a learning game as I began to feel like a complete beginner at freestyle in the difficult conditions.

Phil, as all of the other guys who had come to train for the competition, found it hard to make moves which normally were very easy to them also and sessions were kept short and intense to try to get used to the area. Some days we would move location to a beach upwind, where the water was very flat in comparison and so we could have ‘easier’ sessions to enjoy ourselves and also allow our bodies some rest from the chop! Still this location would be incredibly windy, gusty and 3.3 was generally always full power for me!

With the event approaching, the forecast began to drop off, which was quite a relief although worrying it would drop off too much also, as we both really wanted the event to go ahead. When the days arrived, the wind and swell was low, but fortunately each day Fuerte delivered us wind enabling heats to go ahead in the afternoons, usually putting me on my 4.5 or 4.0 which was perfect!

Continued….. full story

Contributed by: Danielle Lucas

Lanzarote PWA Freestyle 2011- June 30th- July 3rd

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Flying from Egypt on Thursday, we visited the UK where we attended the Mumbles UKWA Freestyle event before jumping on the next plane out of Gatwick on Tuesday to Fuerteventura, picked up a car and caught an early ferry out the next morning to Lanzarote to stay for a few nights in Costa Teguise, the venue for Phil’s first PWA event. So after a very long weekend of travel it was straight into the action as we hit the water on Wednesday afternoon to check out the conditions for the competition. After a good session getting used to it, we spent the evening catching up with the other competitors over pizza and WiFi, before the event began the next morning.

Registration was done and then heats were due to begin at 2pm. The Single Elimination began and Phil’s heat was drawn, he would take on current tour leader Kiri Thode in the first round. This helped to ease the pressure and Phil was able to relax and enjoyed his first heat. Both guys sailed well, Phil making many moves on both sides to get a good score, but he was unable to match Kiri’s style as he pulled powerful moves such as spock-culo’s, air bob’s & Burners in the challenging conditions.

The single continued that day but the finals had to be held off till the next morning as the wind dropped off around 6pm. Day 2 saw really light winds, so most of the day was spent chilling in the shade, waiting and hoping the wind would increase to enough for the finals to be ran. At 5pm the wind had luckily filled in and the finalists took to the water with sails around 5.3′s, and the crowd was entertained with the guys putting in a huge effort to get the results they wanted. The Single results saw Gollito in 1st, Steven Broekhoven 2nd and Anthony Ruenes in 3rd with Davy Schefers taking the 4th spot, a great achievement for the guys.

Day 3 we began the double, the heats were drawn and Phil was up against a friend, Andraz Zan, SLO 49. The wind had filled in by the afternoon and guys took to the water with sails around 4.7 – 5.0′s. For Phil, the heat was a close one, with him and Andraz pulling similar moves but Phil got the upper hand with a big Shaka and and nice Kono off of one of Costa Teguise’s waves.

The next heat for Phil was to be Tonky Frans, a tough draw but having already retained the 17th spot there was nothing to lose for Phil. The heat started unpredictably for Tonky crashing a lot of early moves giving Phil the early advantage. Phil was sailing well pulling a mixture of powerful and safe moves but it was not enough once Tonky found his feet and started to show why he has been one of freestyles top competitors over the last decade, landing Backloops, Bonka’s (Forward loop in to Flaka) and other insane moves.

The rest of the day the wind held and so the double was continued up until the quarter finals when the judges postponed the action to be completed the next day. So the competition was finished on the Sunday, with amazing heats seeing the worlds best use the windiest day of the competition to really show what they can do. Pushloops, Air Chachos, Spock into Air Bob were some of the most impressive tricks amongst many being seen and after really tight heats the final saw Gollito Estredo take on Steven Broekhoven again. Both competitors were throwing massive tricks but in the end even Steven’s no handed burner couldn’t beat Gollito’s massive Air Chacho and other strong moves he pulled in the 8 minute heat.

The event was brilliant, the windsurfing displayed was incredible by all the riders, the wind and waves were good and a great competition was finished, leaving the competitors excited for the next event in Fuerte, although for many doing the whole tour the next 3 weeks will give them a welcome break after 3 weeks back to back events in Bonaire, Aruba and Lanzarote.

For Phil and I, we are now in Fuerte training for the next event with Adam and many other UK riders. Its set to be a great few weeks, with challenging conditions to get used to, definitely no shortage of wind!

Contributed by: Danielle Lucas