Bray Lake Watersports

Dinghy Sailing

Both exciting and relaxing, sailing has something for everyone

Dinghy sailing remains one of the most popular sporting activities within the UK. Sailing has a long history and heritage and many years of Olympic success and with modern design and technology, sailing is more accessible than ever.

We have a range of courses to suit a variety of abilities, whether you are completely new to the sport, want to move onto the next level or just a re-cap to help to remember forgotten skills. You can choose to book either private or group tuition as a single session or a complete course during the week or over a weekend.

All our courses are inclusive of all equipment costs, there are no hidden extras!

  • Range of Tuition - we have a choice of both group courses and private tuition for beginners, intermediates and experts, for both adults and those under 15. As you progress through the sport, there are a range of clinics to keep you progressing.
  • Modern Equipment - new designs and coaching developments mean that it is now easier than ever to learn and progress.
  • Versatile Sport - whether you want to sail on the quiet waters of a lake in Berkshire, skim the tranquil blue seas of the Mediterranean or feel the adrenalin pumping as you take on the open sea.
  • Ability - to discover the thrill of sailing you don't need the strength and agility of an Olympic gymnast; however, you will quickly find sailing is a great way to keep active!
  • Passion - once you've discovered the fun of sailing, you will find yourself becoming a part of a lifestyle and culture that develops an obsessive interest in all forms of weather forecasts!