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Floating Pontoon

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VersaDock by ERA Marine Products, Inc began creating their modular floating dock systems back in 1997 which has proved popular in a variety of locations.

In 2004, with the help of V-Float technology a safe and controlled drive-on docking systems for most small and mid-sized boats was launched.

The system has developed further resulting in an incredibly stable dock which allows boats to be kept out of the water, high and dry, with an smooth angle of drive-on while minimizing the need for beams and other structures below the docks for mid size boats.

What is it?

Versa Dock Pontoon with PowerboatVersa Dock is a highly versatile, maintenance free, modular docking system.  You can start with just a basic number of blocks and add as required.

  • The blocks are freeze resistant, UV resistant and durable.
  • The blocks are easy to assemble and lightweight
  • Reconfigurable allowing you to change your layout to suit your needs.

VersaDock at Bray Lake

Bray Lake has been involved with Versa Dock for over 5 years, and at the Lake, you will find a number of configurations in use including the drive-on docking system.

  • Demonstration of how the blocks link together and how the system works can be arranged.  Please contact the Centre.
  • Let us visit you and discuss your requirements.  No obligation quotes available.
  • Highly versatile, the blocks can be used as pontoons which can be anchored off shore.
  • The blocks are easy to assemble, lightweight and reconfigurable allowing you to change your layout to suit your needs.
  • For more information about this brilliant system, visit