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Learn to Sail Independently

This course will ultimately give you the freedom to confidently and independently helm a single or two man dinghy in light to moderate winds. 

First we will refresh your Level 1 skills before moving on and introducing you to new skills theory.

  • You will learn the 5 Essentials of Sailings and spend time developing these key skills
  • Develop your knowledge of rigging and reefing
  • Spend time improving your launching and landing skills and all over boat handling skills including ‘coming along side’ and relevant all safety and required theory.

On successful completion you will receive your Level 2 Certificate of Competence.

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Course Price: £120

Intro to Essentials

This is the first part of the Level 2 courses. In this module you will be introduced to a range of new skills.  In order to sail unsupervised you will need to complete both parts C and D which can be achieved as individual modules or a complete Improver course.

The course will cover the 5 Essentials of sailing

  • set your sails
  • balance the boat from side to side
  • trim the boat from front to back
  • use and set the center/dagger board
  • sail efficiently on all point of sail
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Course Price: £120

Sail With Confidence

This module is designed to bring your sailing ability to a level where you can confidently sail unsupervised. By the end of the session you will have completed all the necessary skills and theory to achieve the RYA Level 2 Certificate of Competence giving you the freedom to helm a dinghy independently.

During the course we will help you develop all your sailing skills recapping  and improving existing skills as we go. We will also be working on:

  • your launching and landing skills
  • show you how to come along side like a pro
  • and improved recovery after capsize
  • the course will also cover all the necessary theory to complete the course
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Course Price: £189

Sailing on The Edge

This course is the perfect stepping stone for sailors with some experience who are ready to take their sailing to the next level. By consolidating skills and building confidence you will be ready to move on to the advanced modules.

  • Ideal transistion to more advanced sailing skills
  • Introduction to seamanship skills and what to consider when coastal sailing
  • Learn the basics of how to correctly use and adjust a trapeze
  • What to look out for when buying your own boat
  • Get an insight into the exhilerating world of racing
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