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Take your Paddling Further

This course is for you if you have already completed the BCU 1 Star certificate or can paddle confidently on placid water and want to the gain the skills necessary to paddle on running water. You will cover a variety of skills in order to achieve your 2 Star certificate.

  • You will develop your stroke techniques
  • Improve your boat control
  • Learn how to deep water rescue
  • Spend time paddling both on the Lake and on nearby rivers so that you can the opportunity to experience paddling in different environments.

The BCU 2 Star award is your Certificate of Competence and your gateway to paddling in more challenging conditions.

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Course Price: £89

Expand your Paddling Skills

This course will see you developing your skills even further and is ideal if you are looking to paddle in more challenging conditions.

  • You will re-cap some of the 1 star skills
  • You will develop your knowledge and ability of paddlesports
  • You will begin to get to grips with ruddering
  • You will be introduced to draw support and support strokes
  • There will be an introduction to deep water rescue techniques

To be able to paddle confidently and to gain your Certificate of Competence you will need to complete both Parts C & D.

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Course Price: £89

Achieve to 2* Award

This session, as the name suggests, will allow you to put all the skills you have learnt on the Lake into practise on paddling on nearby rivers. During the session you will:

  • Cover all aspects regarding safety when paddling on rivers
  • Spend some time re-capping and improving stroke skills and rescue techniques
  • Spend time paddling on nearby rivers with your instructor to get a feel for paddling on running water
  • Try out different kayaks and canoes to get a feel for how other craft handle
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