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Windsurfing | Clinic (Part C)

Whether you are new to windsurfing and want to reach the next level or whether you have been windsurfing for a while and your windsurfing has reached a bit of a plateau this is the course for you.


Course Price: £89

Fastfwd to Better Windsurfing

Aimed at windsurfers of all levels, this course will introduce you to the fundamental principles of the sport using a unique coaching formula called ˜Fastfwd" that will improve your windsurfing whatever your ability.

  • You will be introduced to Fastfwd, a 5-step formula that covers all of Windsurfing's core skills.
  • This is a 4 hour session based mainly on the water but also covers some key elements that are best done ashore but where possible and wind depending as much time as possible will be spent improving your sailing out on the water.

This is the perfect course to keep you moving forward and on to the next level.

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Windsurfing | Clinic (Part D)

If you're looking to get your own equipment or make that step up onto a smaller board and bigger sail this is the course for you.

Course Price: £89

Windsurf with Style

Having learnt the basics of the 'Fastfwd' Formula we will now get you to start applying it to all aspects of your windsurfing.

  • Sail faster and with more control
  • Learn the secrets of early planing
  • Turn the board quicker, stay dry and do it with style
  • Save your strength and sail for longer by using your harness
  • Set off in style, develop your beach starts

This course will get you well on the way to windsurfing with style.

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Windsurfing | Intermediate (Part C & D)

This course will take your windsurfing to a new level and open you eyes to a whole world of possibilities.


Course Price: £159

Keen to get windsurfing faster and turning quicker?

What makes windsurfing so addictive is that you never stop learning and if you have ever thought of buying your own equipment or going on a windsurfing holiday this is the course for you.

  • Keep things on track when developing and improving your skills - it's all too easy to pick up bad habits

  • Discover how the 5 elements of the 'Fastfwd' Formula can advance your windsurfing

  • By the end of this course you will be well on the way to sailing at speed, keeping better control and turning faster.

The learning doesn't stop here, there are advanced clinics which will introduce you to more skills and increase your enjoyment of the sport further still.

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