Bray Lake Watersports

Junior Kayaking and Canoeing Courses

Offering a range of skill specific courses covering windsurfing, sailing and paddlesports are available at Bray Lake Watersports.  Whether you are a complete beginner or already have skills that you want to develop.  There are options available to take your skills to the next level.

Skills are taught through a variety of games and fun exercises to develop technique throughout the course. Where necessary time will be spent covering all the necessary theory and safety considerations.

Start Paddlesport Passport - Course Price: £140

Paddlesports are very popular in this area with a number of rivers and local lakes that can be explored. It is important to learn the basics before venturing out and this course is ideal for the young would-be paddler. Under the Paddlepower scheme, Passport (equivalent to 1 Star) you will be taught a variety of skills including paddling techniques and how to launch and land.

 course which is 2 full days runs throughout the school holidays and selected weekends in the year.

Intermediate Paddlesport Discover - Course Price: £160

Building upon the skills learnt on the Start course you will progress through four further levels to help focus your attention on particulars skills. Ultimately you will be skilful and confident enough to paddle safely on placid water. 

Under the Paddlepower scheme, the Discover (equivalent to 2 Star) will develop your existing paddling skills, introduce you to new strokes, learn vital rescue techniques and progress to use of spray decks.

This course runs over 3 full days throughout the school holidays. If you feel a little rusty add on the two day start paddlesports course as a great re-fresher course. A similar course runs on selected weekends in the year.

Learn to Paddle – Paddlepower Scheme - Course Price: £260

Combine the Beginner and Intermediate courses for a week long of paddling to really get you up and going as quickly as possible.

Advanced Paddlepower Coaching - Course Price: £260

The coaching week is aimed at paddlers who have already achieved Paddlepower 5. The emphasis of the week will be about consolidating knowledge whilst getting the most enjoyment out of paddling.

Sessions will be suited to both the ability of those on the course as well as weather conditions.  You will be introduced to more advanced stroke techniques, rolling skills and be given the chance to try out some play boats to give you an opportunity to experience how different boats feel.

If conditions are suitable we will take you paddling on nearby rivers to gain valuable experience of paddling in a different environment

Course Availability

Contact the Centre directly to book your tuition on 01628 638860, or send us an email.