Bray Lake Watersports


Versatile, accessible and exciting, something for everyone

Kayaking and canoeing are two of the fastest growing water sports today. Paddlesports are uniquely accessible, with equipment being both inexpensive and easily transportable. Having learnt the basics you will be well on the way to exploring a wide variety of different environments in which to paddle.

All our courses are inclusive of all equipment costs, there are no hidden extras!

  • Learning is easy - it is relatively quick and easy to pick up the basics of paddling, and we have a range of different boats to help get you going confidently.
  • Varied and exhilerating - paddlesports offer you such a diversity of environment from paddling on calm waters of a lake to negoitate white water rivers, or surfing waves off shore to acrobatics in weirs. Paddlesports has something for everyone whether on a sit-on top, open canoe or ultra light play boat. You can paddle on your own or go exploring with friends and family.
  • Safe Environment - learning the basics of paddlesports at Bray Lake is ideal, as the Lake is big enough to offer a sense of adventure and exploration. All instructors and coaches are enthusiastic and experienced. And whilst we cannot offer the experience of a wide variety of paddling environments, you can be assured that we will get you off to a great start.

Take up this exciting sport today!

Opening Times


Opening Hours:

November-February: 0930-1630
March-October: 0900-1830

Late Evening Opening:

April-Sep: Call for times and weather updates