Bray Lake Watersports


Course Price: £30 per hour

Personal Tuition and Coaching

From beginner to expert. Have your own personal coach for an hour or two, or even the day.

A great way to develop new skills, iron out problems and keep you moving forward.  Without doubt one of the most effect ways of getting results.

The price of private tuition does not include hire, however, if you need to hire equipment we offer between 20-40% discount.

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Course Price: £89

Give sailing a go

Often the best way to learn is to have one-to-one tuition, and in just a couple of hours you will have covered some of the basics of sailing.

The course will cover:

  • the basics of rigging a boat
  • how to sail across the wind and upwind
  • we will also show you how to turn your boat around and then return to shore

Hopefully by the end of the session, you will have enjoyed your introduction to sailing and will want to go on to the Level 1 certification which will allow you to helm a dinghy under supervision at Bray Lake in light winds.

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Course Price: £189

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You will receive maximum contact time with your instructor who will have you sailing in the shortest possible time.

  • The Turbo Track Start Sailing course is run over 2 x 2hr sessions organised around your leisure time.
  • You will cover all the skills necessary to helm a dinghy under supervision.
  • If more tuition time is needed you will be invited back, absolutely free of charge. 

We guarantee success!

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Course Price: £189

At this level you can really experience the benefits of personal tuition with one of our senior instructors.  Our Turbo Track Improver course is designed to take your confidence to the next level so that you can ultimately enjoy sailing independently.

Safety, equipment issues and relevant theory will be covered throughout the course. Sessions will be made appropriate to the prevailing weather conditions and your own level of ability. You will receive regular feed back on your progress and be set goals for further practice.

You will need to practise to consolidate your new skills, a turbo track hire package is available at exclusive rates to help.

  • Re-cap on Level 1 skills including launching/landing techniques and capsize recovery.
  • Develop your understanding and application of the ‘5 essential’
  • Upwind sailing techniques and tacking/downwind sailing techniques and gybing
  • Recap on all core skills and sailing assessment
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Course Price: £359

This really is the ultimate package so buckle up for your Turbo Track journey from Zero to Hero!

We will take you through all aspects of the Turbo Track Start Dinghy Sailing and Improver Dinghy Sailing courses. To complement these tuition sessions you will have plenty of opportunity to practice and improve your techniques with your inclusive supervised practise hire card (includes wetsuit and buoyancy hire - worth up to £210). The time scale for this tuition package is left completely up to you!

By the end of this amazing package you should look and feel like a real sailor with all the core skills necessary to take you all the way within the sport!

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