Bray Lake Watersports


Windsurfing | Private Tuition Open Ability

Book a session with your own personal coach.


Course Price: £49 per hour

Personal Tuition and Coaching

From beginner to expert. Have your own personal coach for an hour or two, or even the day.

A great way to develop new skills, iron out problems and keep you moving forward.  Without doubt one of the most effect ways of getting results.

Cost for private tuition including equipment hire £49.00 per hour

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Windsurfing | Turbo Track Intro (Part A)

The ideal course to give windsurfing a try.


Course Price: £89

Give windsurfing a go

This two hour introduction to Windsurfing is the first half of the Turbo Track Start Windsurfing course which covers:

  • Sailing across the wind
  • Turning around
  • Launching and landing
  • Sailing safe
  • Getting to know your kit

This course is the minimum required to hire equipment at Bray Lake but only during our supervised club sessions. If you enjoy yourself, and to want to continue windsurfing, sign up for Part B and obtain your RYA Level One the international Certificate of Competence which is your gateway to hire at anytime at Bray Lake and all around the world.

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Course Price: £159

Learn the basics of windsurfing on a one-to-one basis

This course could well be the start of a life long passion of windsurfing. The aim of the course is to teach you all the skills necessary to obtain the RYA Certificate of Competence, your gateway to hiring equipment around the world.

  • You will learn to sail across the wind
  • To sail towards and away from the wind
  • To tack and gybe with confidence
  • To launch and land safely
  • And we will help you develop an understanding of the relevant and necessary safety issues surrounding the sport.

This course is 4 hours of tuition split into two, 2 hour slots. On successful completion of the course you will be given 2 extra hours of free supervised hire to use at your leisure, if we feel that you would benefit from some extra time before we issue you with your certificate we will invite you back for more tuition completely free of charge.

We guarantee success!

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Windsurfing | Turbo Track Improver (Part C & D)

Develop and improve your skills, and get more out of your windsurfing


Course Price: £159

From windsurfing with confidence to windsurfing with style!

This course will take your windsurfing to a new level and open you eyes to a world of possibilities.  What makes windsurfing so addictive is that you never stop learning.

  • Keep things on track when developing and improving your skills
  • Discover how the 5 elements of the Fastfwd Formula can advance your windsurfing
  • By the end of this course you will be well on your way to, sailing at speed, staying in control and turning faster
  • 6 hours of tuition divided into 3 two blocks will make all the difference to your windsurfing

The learning doesn't stop here, there are advanced clinics which will introduce you to more skills and increase your enjoyment of the sport further still.

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Windsurfing | Turbo Track Full Package (Part A-D)

The ultimate package taking you from complete beginner to competent windsurfer


Course Price: £299

  Turbo Track Full Package

From beginner to confident windsurfer

This really is the ultimate package so buckle up for your Turbo Track journey from Zero to Hero!

We will take you through all aspects of the Turbo Track Start Windsurfing and Improver Windsurfing courses. To complement these tuition sessions you will have plenty of opportunity to practice and improve your techniques with your inclusive supervised practice hire card (includes wetsuit and buoyancy hire - worth up to £210).

The time scale for this tuition package is left completely up to you! By the end of this amazing package you should look and feel like a real windsurfer with all the core skills necessary to take you all the way within the sport!

With a minimum of 10 hour of tuition and 8 hours of supervised hire and more if we feel you need it. This is the ultimate learn to windsurf course.

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