Bray Lake Watersports

Important Information for Schools

How To Book

  • Come and visit - A website such as this can only give an impression of what we offer. The best way to see what we can offer is to visit the Centre. Arrange a site visit when a member of our staff will show you around the Centre’s facilities as well as giving you an idea of the kind of equipment available for use by school groups. Please contact the Centre for further details.
  • Been before and know what you want - If you already know what you would like for your school group, booking couldn’t be easier. Contact the Centre with the dates required, approximate timings and numbers (see ratios), and an invoice for the deposit will be issued for payment by return. Two weeks prior to your visit we will require final numbers and timings.
  • Medical Information - We will require information concerning any student suffering from a medical condition such as epilepsy, asthma, diabetes, angina or other heart complaints, or allergies. Children deemed to be suffering with serious conditions will be allowed to participate only with the consent of their parents/guardians, their school and the Centre management. Other medical concerns.  Due to the communal nature of our school wetsuits every precaution is taken to ensure that they remain clean and hygenic by a process of thorough rinsing in Milton fluid after each use.  Understandably we cannot allow children with suspected or diagnosed skin infections (such as Impetigo) to use our school wetsuits in case of cross infection. Please contact the Centre to discuss the options available.
  • Paperwork - A booking form and medical declaration form will need to be completed, and are available at the time of booking from the Centre.
  • Health and Safety - Details of our Health and Safety information is available in our latest Schools Brochure, or download current information here.
  • What to Bring - A check list of the items all participants are expected to bring on the day is provided at time of booking, or download a copy here.
  • Terms and Conditions - Please read our terms and conditions so that you are aware of our current policies here.
  • How to find Us - Click here.

Booking Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions

  1. A non refundable deposit of 25% of the total is due in full at the time of booking.  An invoice will be sent to the school which should be paid by return.
  2. A confirmed booking only takes place on receipt of a completed booking form and deposit, dates cannot be held without payment.
  3. Final confirmation of numbers is due TWO WEEKS in advance of activity. Final payment will be worked out from this confirmed number and an invoice sent to the school. If numbers drop on the actual activity day the school will still be liable for payment for all the spaces booked.  Please notify the Centre immediately if you require additional spaces, there is no guarantee that we will be able to accommodate this request, however, we will endeavour to meet requirements where possible.
  4. Payment in full is due on the day of the activity. Failure to pay on time may result in your group not being able to go out on the water.  Late payments will incur an additional charge of 10% of balance.
  5. Failure to attend the activity without due notification will result in the course fee being forfeited.
  6. Cancellation policy - deposits are non-refundable. In the event of cancellation the school will be given the opportunity to transfer all monies to a mutually satisfactory date within the same year.  Where a cancellation occurs within 4 weeks of a booked activity, the entire balance will become payable.
  7. Should circumstances or weather make teaching impossible then mutually suitable new dates will be arranged.
  8. Schools are reminded that water sports participation involves an element of risk. Insurance against personal injury, accident or loss whilst undertaking a course or hiring any equipment is the responsibility of the client. The Lake owners and operators will accept no liability for such injury, accident, damage or loss excepting liability for death or personal injury resulting from negligence attributable to and fault of the lake owners and or operators.
  9. All minors require parental consent to partake in activities at Bray Lake Watersports. For schools and groups this is deemed the responsibility of the school or group leader.
  10. All participants require the medical declaration form to be completed.
  11. All participants should be in good health and be confident in the water.

Ratios and Surcharges

Strict ratios are adhered to during the provision of our watersports activities, however, to ensure a continued cost effective delivery of our services the following ratios and surcharges have been introduced. If you have any concerns relating to this please contact the Centre and we can discuss your particular circumstances.

  • Activity Days - A strict instructor / student ratio is adhered to at all times and currently stands at 1:8 (and multiples thereof) for all activity days or half days.  If numbers exceed this ratio by ONLY one, an additional instructor is required and there is a surcharge of £25.  The surcharge is only payable where numbers exceed this ratio by only one, otherwise cost per person remains unchanged.
  • Series of 2hr Sessions - Schools which book these sessions must be aware that the maximum number per group is 8 individuals, the minimum number is 4. Schools can book more than one group. The price for a group of 8 individuals will be more cost effective than that for a smaller group.

Course Availability

Contact the Centre directly to book your tuition on 01628 638860, or send us an email.