Bray Lake Watersports

Stand Up Paddleboard

Stand Up Paddleboarding is a rapidly growing water sport which has an old and distinguished history with its routes firmly in surfing culture. There are many past examples of people standing up and paddling a variety of boards around their local bit of water but this occasional past time has come of age and now revitalised it has made the jump to a main stream sport in its own right.

At Bray Lake we can provide coaching and tuition in Stand Up Paddleboarding as well as the chance to demo kit should you be looking to buy. All our instructors are BSUPA trained and paddleboard regularly.

All our courses are inclusive of all equipment costs, there are no hidden extras!

  • Range of Tuition - we have a choice of both group courses and private tuition for beginners, intermediates and experts, for both adults and under 15. As you progress through the sport, there are a range of clinics to keep you progressing
  • Equipment – All the equipment is provided and represent the different types of boards and paddles that are currently available. All the equipment is regularly replaced to make sure it’s in good condition and current.
  • Versatile Sport - whether you want to paddle on the quiet waters of a Bray Lake and local rivers, the tranquil blue seas of the Mediterranean while on holiday or feel the adrenalin pumping as you take on the pounding waves of Hawaii, SUP can give you that choice.
  • Ability - to discover the fun of SUPing you don't need the strength and agility of an Olympic gymnast; however, you will quickly find SUPing is a great way to get into or stay in shape!
  • Passion - once you've discovered SUP, you will soon become a part of a fun and unique lifestyle and culture, and be continually looking forwards to your next outing.

What makes SUPing so good?

  • Incredibly easy to learn
  • Basic strokes can be achieved in a relatively short space of time
  • Fantastic all over body work out - especially good for strengthening core muscles and upper body, plus it helps to tighten buttocks, thighs and legs
  • Enjoy SUPing on lakes, rivers and, of course, the sea
  • Coaching and hire available on demand

Stand Up Paddle boarding the new cool way to spend time on the water. Check out all you need to know about this great new sport.