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Stand Up Paddleboarding is the fastest gowing water sport at the moment, growing in popularity daily. Great whatever the weather but amazing on those warm, windless and sunny days of summer. At Bray Lake we have a large range of boards from all the leading suppliers for both hire and demo so why not come down and give them a go.

There is always a good range of kit available to suit those new to stand up paddleboarding as well as the intermediate and more advanced SUPer.

If you are looking to buy some equipment and want to try before you buy we will refund your hire fee against your purchase, if you prefer to hire on a regular bases rather than own your own then take advantage of our members hire schemes and save money.

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Equipment Available

Starboard Drive 10' 5"

Starboard Drive 10' 5

The thin tail and progressive shape give the Drive a throw-about and playful nature in the surf, yet there’s enough glide for some flat-water performance too. It’s the number one selling shape in the UK – an extremely popular allrounder.

Starboard Blend 11' 2"

Starboard Blend 11' 2

The Blend is a fantastic all-rounder, offering superior glide to the Drive for efficient flat water paddling and wave riding agility usually reserved for boards substantially smaller.

Ample nose rocker makes it easier for the novice’s first time into waves, without taking away from its exceptional glide qualities.

Starboard Easy 12'

Starboard Easy 12'

The most appropriate shape for entry level paddling, the Big Easy is exactly that! The 32″ width provides all but the heaviest of riders a stable, forgiving platform and 12′ length gives good glide for efficient paddling.

Starboard Pocket Rocket 8' 5"

Starboard Pocket Rocket 8' 5

The Pocket Rocket’s compact shape allows very tight turns: an incredibly throwabout board for a wide range of conditions.

Its ability to maintain speed and milk the most out of slower, mushy waves place the Pocket Rocket as the firm choice for riding less-than-perfect conditions yet it’s equally at home in fast, clean surf

Starboard Element 9' 8"

Starboard Element 9' 8

Great fun in the surf, the 9’8″ Element is the perfect introduction to snappier shorter S.U.P. surfing. It delivers smooth, easy performance in the waves, with tighter turns than possible on longer designs.

With just enough length (and thus glide) for occasional flat water sessions, even when the surf isn’t rolling in there’s a heap of fun offered by the Element.  It’s also a good first-time board for light-weight riders.

Starboard Touring 12' 6", 14'

Starboard Touring 12' 6

A fast, stable and exciting touring design with great tracking and stability. The low-riding nose is fully engaged when gliding over flat water and efficiently pierces small chop. The low nose produces an extended waterline creating extra glide which makes the Touring board very fast on flat water and able to accelerate quickly when catching bumps downwind. It’s all together a whole new level of enjoyment and excitement.

Starboard Allstar 12' 6'', 14'

Starboard Allstar 12' 6'', 14'

The All Star is an all-rounder with highly diverse characteristics. Fast in chop, great for beach-start racing, fantastic for downwinders, yet competitive in flat water. The middle and upper part of the rails are raised and box-shaped around the standing area, providing added volume / stability. A medium-round bow penetrates upwind, and provides a slippery ride through and over waves downwind. Just sufficient nose volume makes the nose shoot through waves and pop up again with minimal friction.

The flattened-out nose section rocker maximizes the waterline and increases the speed. Its sharp edge at the tucked under mid-section increases the release for surf. The tail section with extra volume lifts the board up for early surfing in bumps and makes it especially easy to turn around buoys.

Starboard Sprint 12' 6'', 14'

Starboard Sprint 12' 6'', 14'

The Sprint designs are clearly a faster flat-water range than anything Starboard have ever built. The recessed standing area lowers the centre of gravity and improves stability, making it possible to ride this narrower design with full power.

The slender hull width also allows the paddle to pass closer to the centre-line of the board, maximizing strokes per side, making each stroke more efficient and more balanced.

Fanatic Fly 10' 5"

Fanatic Fly 10' 5

A board for a lifetime of surfing. Heavier riders or those who want a board for all conditions will fall in love with this timeless thruster shape. Soft rails up front and sharper edges in the tail give the grip and feel of a smaller board with all the grace and glide of the ancient Hawaiians. Thanks to a flatter nose rocker and more pronounced curve in the tail, you gain easy paddling and turning ability for effortlessly catching rides. A flat deck and volume out wide mean there’s balance and stability galore.

Fanatic Fly Air 10'

Fanatic Fly Air 10'

Perhaps the most multipurpose product on the market. Born of the classic hard shell Fly 10’6”, this inflatable is tailored to the ocean – it’s based on the most popular shape in our hard shell range – but with extra width for stability and comfort. Perfect for genuine surfing performance, cruising and maximum family fun – all packed in a handy bundle. Make sure there’s one in your trunk ready to hit the water at any opportunity.

Fanatic Allwave 8' 6", 9' 2"

Fanatic Allwave 8' 6

With a focus on easy paddling and wave-catching ability for any size of rider, this is easy riding at its best. Wide outlines suiting first-timers and true surf-style scoop rocker lines allow a balanced and planted stance for both paddling and surfing positions. Extra nose kick keeps advanced riders happy in steeper surf or after radical turns and the Fish Tail delivers lift and turning power on mellower days.

Fanatic Touring 11'

Fanatic Touring 11'

The all new easy to use Ray is perfect for either first-time paddlers or experienced racers, the Rays are effortless to handle both on and off the water. The shorter, wider outline is stable but parallel enough to maximise waterline for maximum glide and speed. The efficient curves are all born of the race series with a continuous nose-to-tail rocker line guaranteeing smooth release and paddle motion.

A sharp bow cuts through the water and the pulled-up profile prevents nose diving and wash over your feet. The flat-angled deck shape and thicker, fuller volume rails are forgiving for a dry and stable ride

Fanatic Falcon Race 12' 6", 14'

Fanatic Falcon Race 12' 6

12' 6''

The more stretched, parallel outlines and wider piercing nose supply extra lift, a faster bow action to climb chop and white­water and a steadier paddling platform. Achieving added stability on a narrower profile allows a fast, rounder, more efficient bottom shape enhancing the longer waterline and continuous, clean-water release rocker. Above deck a rigid spine disperses wash and speeds-up nose recovery in swell and the stabilising square tail and flat stance area promises you’ll only ever need to concentrate on cadence and reeling-in your rivals.


Now with maximised waterline length, a wider nose blends into a parallel mid-section and narrower tail for drag-free release. Smooth nose and tail curves merge into a continuous rocker line for efficient gliding motion. Your paddling position remains secure with a low centre of gravity thanks to a flat, stance section on-deck ideal for high performance racers in any conditions. All models come with ONE fins super-light US Box 9.75” RaceAce fin.

Red Allwater 9' 6"

Red Allwater 9' 6

The Red Nine Six is fast becoming an iconic board, sought after in all corners of the globe. Designed to work in all conditions, from cruising up the river to picking up waves quickly and easily. It has a similar mid point and nose shape as the 10’6” and shares similar lines throughout. The deck pad and wide tail aids control in all situations. The Nine Six comes with Red's patented RSS system which gives unparalleled rigidity for an inflatable SUP, a true revolution in inflatable technology.

Red Ride 10' 6"

Red Ride 10' 6

The Red Ten Six is the single most popular inflatable SUP board in the world. Heralded as a classic in all four corners of the world. Designed to match the requirements of the all round rider, it will float and glide easily on flat water, while still riding smoothly and predictably in surf. The 2013 model has a wider tail for added stability and float.

Red has increased the thickness of this classic from 100mm to 120mm for 2013. This increases stiffness while not affecting the ride and performance makes the board firmer, more comfortable to paddle and allows you to pick your line across even the smallest of waves.

Red Mega 10' 8"

Red Mega 10' 8

The Ten Eight forged the way for wide inflatable boards. Perfect for the bigger rider (100kgs+) and family paddler.

With the thickness increased from 100mm to 120mm this year you can obtain greater stiffness at lower pressure. The 120mm board is more than 40% stiffer than a 100mm board at the same pressure. The combination of overall width plus the wide tail creates a really stable platform. Great for any size of person to learn on and as an all rounder for the heavier rider and despite its size it still feels lively and responsive.

Red Race 12' 6"

Red Race 12' 6

The Red Race will amaze you, this board means business. A stripped down racing thoroughbred. The Rocker line is designed to give you a fast glide and easy ride. Fitted with Reds patented RSS system to increase stiffness this board feel like a hard board.

Whilst other inflatable race boards have to race against their own breed in one design classes, the Red Race is competitive against existing hard board designs. You really need to paddle this board to experience just quite how good it is.

Red Explorer 12' 6''

Red Explorer 12' 6''

The Red 12' 6'' Explorer is an amazing destination paddle board. Designed to be paddled by those who want to know what is around the next bend in the river. No need to leave cars at each end of your trip, just jump on a train, bus or taxi to get home.The new carry bag is so comfortable you could even walk home.

The 150mm thickness makes for high buoyancy and superb stiffness. The Tec Air spec means the board can take a lot of abuse and will survive many miles of exploring even in the blazing sun or icy waters.

Nah Skwell Kool 10'

Nah Skwell Kool 10'

This 10' board give great glide for its size, great for paddling on the lake and the rivers but still fun and manoeuvrable in the surf, a great alrounder.

Nah Skwell Fitness 11'

Nah Skwell Fitness 11'

The Fitness 11' will give you an easy introduction to cruising, fitness, racing and downwinding.
 It's fast gliding shape also has great surfing and turning abilities, a true cross over for the lake, river and coast in a user friendly 11' package.

Bic Ace Tec 10' 6"

Bic Ace Tec 10' 6

The 10’6’’ ACE-TEC is designed as an all-round performer for riders up to 180lbs/80kg and as a performance surf SUP for riders up to 220lbs/100kg. It has an even volume distribution, providing confidence what ever the riders ability and rocker profile for surf and flatwater glide.

Bic ACS 11' 4"

Bic ACS 11' 4

11’4’’ ACS suits a wide range of users and is an ideal choice if you’re looking for one board for the whole family to use. Stable and extremely rugged.


Bic Soft 11'

Bic Soft 11'

SOFT SUP boards are built just like a standard Epoxy board, but are then wrapped in a soft yet durable EVA skin on the deck and rails and a tough-skin bottom. A great first time board for everyone.