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Windsurfing | Clinic Master Class

If you have been windsurfing for a while and feel that your windsurfing needs a bit of a boost or want to step it up a gear this could be the course for you.

Course Price: £on request

Develop your Windsurfing and take the next step

Looking and feeling good on the water is key to sailing at the coast, in high winds and on performance equipment. Continual development of your skills or knowledge will help all aspects of your windsurfing.

This course is all about learning more about your windsurfing, perfecting your use of the formula and using it as your framework for further progression throughout your windsurfing life.

  • Learn to sail lower volume boards (without daggerboards)
  • Learn to get more out of your sail and perfect your early planning
  • Learn to hold onto to bigger sails and gain control in all conditions
  • Learn to use and set up performance equipment
  • Work on your tacking and gybing skills
  • Improve your beach starts, the stepping stone towards water starts
  • Learn to fine tune your equipment to get the most out of your board and sail in all conditions

We run this course in several forms:

  • As part of a windsurfing holiday, either in the UK or overseas
  • As part of a coaching session at the lake (often run by visiting technique Guru’s)
  • As part of a club day trip to the beach

For more information contact the Centre or make sure you've signed up to our newsletter for details of the next opportunity.

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