Bray Lake Watersports


Exciting, exhilarating and challenging

Windsurfing is fast, dynamic, fun and above all COOL! With today's modern equipment, learning and progessing has never been easier.

All our courses are inclusive of all equipment costs, there are no hidden extras!

  • Courses for All - we have a wide choice of courses for beginners, intermediates and experts, both for adults and under 15, as well as private tuition
  • Modern Equipment - new designs and coaching developments mean that it is now easier than ever to learn and progress.
  • Versatile Sport - whether you want to sail on the quiet waters of a lake in Berkshire, skim the tranquil blue seas of the Mediterranean or feel the adrenalin pumping as you take on the pounding waves of Hawaii, windsurfing can give you that choice.
  • Ability - to discover the thrill of windsurfing you don't need the strength and agility of an Olympic gymnast, however, you will quickly find windsurfing is a great way to get into shape!
  • Passion - once you've discovered the exhilaration of windsurfing, you will soon become a part of an exciting lifestyle and culture, and find you develop an obsessive interest in all forms of weather forecasts!


Opening Times


Opening Hours:

November-February: 0930-1630
March-October: 0900-1830

Late Evening Opening:

April-Sep: Call for times and weather updates