Bray Lake Watersports

Why has loads of barley straw appeared at Bray Lake?

Sadly, we are not becoming a petting zoo, instead we are taking measures to maintain good water quality for all our Lake users.

Whilst the amazing summer weather of 2018 was very welcome it did increase the weed and algae in the lake. We hope to reduce the chances of this happening again in 2019 but ultimately it will be down to temperature and rain fall. To help prevent the growth of weed and algae this year we are adopting a two-pronged attack. Every year we add Diofix to the lake which is a food dye that colours the water blue and reduces the light penetration through the water, we will continue to use this dye but for  2019 we are going to increase the frequency of treatments and the quantity we put in. Secondly, to help reduce the impact of algae we will be dropping  barley straw into the lake something we have done in the past and which is a known way to help tackle this problem. As the straw decomposes it releases an enzyme which reacts with the oxygen and sunlight to limit the growth and the development of algae.

Hopefully these measures will help us when the 2019 summer brings another dose of beautiful sunny weather. But keep your fingers crossed for some mixed weather as this is always best for maintaining water quality.