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BC Paddle Award Start - Intro to Paddlesports - £89.00

The British Canoeing Paddle Start Award is an entry level qualification perfect for those new to paddle sports During this 3 hour session you will get to try both kayaks and canoes enabling you to discover your preferred craft, of course you may enjoy both equally for different reasons. The instructor will take you through the basic skills of both craft including launching, landing, forward paddling and turning.

Once you have completed this course the Paddle Award Discover course is the next step and includes more advanced skills.

BC Paddle Award Discover - Learn to Paddle - £159.00  

The Paddle Award Discover course is the second level in the British Canoeing award scheme. Focusing on a single craft either a kayak or a canoe this course will provide you with all the skills to paddle independently at the lake and in sheltered water. Skills covered in this course include improved efficient forwards paddling, turning and steering, access to different types of water, equipment choice and rescues.

This course is run as two 3- hours sessions. To gain the award in both craft you would need to complete the course twice and we offer the second course at a discounted rate. Alternatively, you could have some private tuition sessions to top up the skills in the second craft.

BC Paddle Award Explore - £90.00

The Paddle Award Explore is designed with the individual at the forefront. Working on a one to one basis with an instructor, you will discuss a goal and the instructor will then teach you the skills, theory and safety aspects to achieve this target. It maybe you have brought a new kayak or canoe and want to know the skills to enable you to go on River trips. This course will help you to become an independent paddler.  The skills taught will be dependent on the overall outcome and this will be discussed between yourself and the instructor.

This course is run as a series of 2 hour private tuition sessions with each session costing £90 per person. The number of sessions required will depend on the goal and previous experience. 

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