Bray Lake Watersports

Don’t get in the boat

Dave Kalama is a surfer, SUP racer, Windsurfer and all round watersport enthusiast he is just one in a line of Kalama men that have competed in many watersports, his grandfather was a world surf champion in 1962. He has achieved a lot for the watersports industry developing SUP and recently foil surfing. He teaches and still competes and as you will see from the link delivers inspiring speeches. ‘Don’t get in the boat’ is a fantastic story which we will allow him to say but needless to say it hit home with us which lead it to become one of our slogans. It is used for young and old from a beginner to an experienced athlete ready to compete as he was.

Rule No 5

Is originally from the rule guide for riders written by Frank Strack ( Frank is the founder of Velominati) We came to adopt it from one of our members of staff and Starboard team riders Ben Swails. Rule no 5 basically means ‘Man Up!’ Ben would come down to the lake and train whatever the weather and whilst the rest of the team would stand there and moan he would say nothing but raise his hand to show number 5. His dedication was nothing but impressive and motivation for us all. Sometimes you just have to Man Up!

The Monkey

Purely from us being on monkey island lane- monkey island comes from the monks that used to live near the island until the abolishment of the monasteries. A previous owner, the Duke of Marlborough also had paintings of monkeys in the pavillion. It seemed a very fitting logo for us and we have used it for over 20 years.

Bray Watch Tower

Started off as just a simple Kayak slide but unfortunately not the most attractive slide and didn’t look good in photos. We get some pretty amazing sunsets over Bray lake and you may have noticed how much it looks like Miami beach… and there lies our inspiration. The Miami lifeguard towers are made from local materials and are all fairly quirky. Our striking yellow tower now looks every bit the part in any sunset photo.

Bray Sun Swirl

This was one of our first logo’s that simply came from a member telling us that we should incorporate the beautiful sunsets we get down at the lake. Frostie happened to be wearing a T-shirt with a swirl on it at the time that sort of looked like a Sun so after some tweaking we had our sunset logo.