Bray Lake Watersports

Colenorton Dragon Boat Club

The Colenorton Dragons team have an accomplished history. Originally formed way back in 1992, when the sport of "Dragon Boating" was still growing in Great Britain, Colenorton enjoyed a great deal of success within the championship leagues, both here and abroad.

In fact, Colenorton even has two trophies named after the club that are highly sought after by the teams that compete in the championship league.

Bray Lake has been the home of Colenorton Dragons since 2010 and we have to say, it is a wonderful home! We not only have the advantage of being able to paddle all year round, but close by we also have access to the river network and therefore, can go further afield if we feel so inclined.

For more information about getting involved with the club please contact us directly or call 07906 049920

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