Bray Lake Watersports

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the age limits for courses

The minimum age for the junior courses is 8 years old. Junior courses are open to youngsters up to the age of 15 years old.

Adult courses are generally from 16 years and there is no real upper limit, providing you are relatively fit and healthy.

Q. Is equipment usage included in cost of courses and tuition?

All our courses do include use of all equipment as well as wetsuits and buoyancy aids. You will need to provide your own footwear which needs to be soft soled and with enclosed toes such as a pair of trainers or similar. Crocs and sandals are not suitable footwear. We do sell purpose boots and shoes if you prefer to have the correct footwear.

Private tuition has the option to either use your own equipment or our equipment.

Q. Can I walk around the lake?

You can yes, it is 2.5km. Its advisable to wear boots or wellies during wet times.


Q. Is there a cafe?

Yes we have a cafe offering hot and cold food and drinks

Q. What are you opening times?

We are open 9 till 5.30pm however we do open and close later during the summer which is noted on the website and social media platforms.

Q. Are you closed in the winter?

We are closed from Christmas day until roughly 6/7th January, website and social media platforms will have up to date information.

Q. What is the nearest train station?

The nearest train station is Maidenhead but you would need to get a bus or cab from there.

Q. Can I launch my own power boat?

No, you are not permitted to launch your own power boat

Q. Can I leave my own equipment on site?

No but you can buy a storage membership which will allow some storage of equipment. See memberships.

Q. Do you do memberships?

Yes, we offer a range of memberships - Membership at Bray Lake

Q. Do you have disabled access?

It is possible to visit the site, however, there is no disabled access to the club house

Q. Do you allow camping on site?

Only as a part of a fishing membership or during large events when advertised.

Q. What time does the gate shut?

Please be aware that when the gates shut you will not be able to remove your vehicle until the following day (providing the Centre is open).  Gates closure times are displayed on the approach road to the Centre, please note the time as it does vary throughout the year.

Q. Do you sell equipment?

Yes, we have an on site shop which has a good selection of equipment accessories for your water sports needs.

Q. Do you allow dogs on boards?

No, this is not allowed.

Q. Can I teach my friend or family member to windsurf, sail or paddle on the Lake?

No, only a qualified instructor employed by Bray Lake is permitted to teach someone how to windsurf, sail or paddle on the Lake.

Q. Can I swim in the Lake?

Open water swimming is permitted at specific times.  Outside of these times it is not permitted. See more about open water swimming at Bray.