Bray Lake Watersports

Fishing at Bray Lake

Small fishing syndicate

Bray Lake is one of the countries leading water sports centres and has been in operation for over 30 years. The Lake caters for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds and prides itself as a family-friendly centre.

  • About the Fishing Club - Bray Lake Fishing Club was formed by request from local fishermen and is a small, members-only club, with membership running from end March to beginning April; day tickets are not available.
  • Fish Stock - The Lake is naturally stocked and is connected the River Thames via several floodgates. These allow water, fish and food to pass between the two, especially at times of flood or drought. The main fish sought at Bray Lake are the numerous bream, some mature carp and reasonably sized pike.
  • Shared use of Lake - It is the intention of Bray Lake Watersports to provide good quality fishing in the same friendly manner that it provides its sailing activities. It is not the aim to open the Club up to everyone, but instead to provide an environment that allows its members to fully enjoy their chosen activity with the minimum of fuss. While it is our intention to provide the ideal environment, we would ask all fishermen to be patient with those sailors who are struggling to learn and who may inadvertently end up in an occupied swim. We will endeavour to collect any struggling sailor from an occupied swim as soon as possible. Download Lake map showing the areas available for fishing.
  • Applying for membership - We currently have 40 members and in tend keep our Fishing Club a small and friendly group, as such we do vet all new members. To join please contact the Centre and we will forward you a membership application form which you will need to complete and return.  On acceptance and payment of your membership fee, you will be issued with a membership card which should be carried with you at all times whilst fishing at the Lake; we do carry out spot checks. If we should be at maximum numbers we do operate a waiting list and when a vacancies occurs you will be invited to join subject to approval.

Fishing Membership