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Junior Dinghy Sailing Courses

Dinghy Sailing is a popular activity at Bray Lake and there is a range of different courses and sessions available depending on whether you are a complete beginner or already have skills that you want to develop. During beginner and improver courses children take part in both dinghy sailing and windsurfing.

Courses are taught through a variety of fun sessions, exercises and games, where necessary time will also be spent covering the required theory and safety to build confidence on the water.

Learn to Sail Week - £270 (5 days)

This course is the perfect introduction into the world of sailing. The children will take part in a mixture of dinghy sailing (sit down sailing) and windsurfing (stand up sailing) and will learn the basic skills to be able to get out and enjoy being on the water. The instructor will introduce the basic skills of both sports including launching and landing, sailing across the wind, sailing up wind and down wind, tacking, gybing. At the end of the week the children will receive RYA log books with their new skills signed off.

This course focuses on the Stages 1 and 2 of the RYA syllabus.

Improverers Learn to Sail Week - £270 (5 days)

For those who can already sail and are looking to take the next steps in dinghy sailing and windsurfing then this course will help them progress through stages 2 + 3 of the RYA syllabus. This course will re-cap basic skills and teach new techniques including sailing around a course, ropework, the five essentials and steering to enable them to ultimately become more skilful and confident sailors allowing them to handle more challenging conditions with ease. The instructor will update their log books at the end of the week.   

Dinghy Sailing Coaching - £270 (5 days)

This dinghy sailing specific week will focus on RYA stages 3 and 4 the emphasis of this course is to consolidate knowledge whilst getting the most enjoyment out of dinghy sailing.  The instructor will re-cap and develop existing sailing skills as well as introducing more advanced sailing techniques such as using a spinnaker, anchoring and seamanship skills. There will be time spent crewing and helming double handers and also an introduction to the exciting world of competitive racing. The majority of the time will be spent on the water however there will be some on-shore theory.  At the end of the week the instructor will sign off any new skills achieved in log books.

Beginners Sailing - £140 (2 days)

This course provides a great introduction to the exciting sports of dinghy sailing and windsurfing. With a mixture of skills learnt both ashore and on the water this fun filled course will soon have participants safely launching and landing, sailing across the wind, tacking upwind, gybing downwind, and sailing a simple course.

This course focuses on RYA Stages 1 and log books will be given at the end of the course.

Improvers Sailing - £190 (3 days)

This course is the next step for sailors who have reached their RYA stage 1 in dingy sailing and windsurfing. The instructor will re-cap existing skills and introduce new techniques from the RYA Stages 2 + 3. The majority of time will be spent on the water practicing skills with some land-based theory.

At the end of the course the instructor will sign off all new skills accomplished.

For those who haven’t sailed for a while why not add on our 2-day Beginners Sailing Course which will be the perfect refresher.


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