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Don't get bored, get active…

Our Summer Holiday courses will be running from 6th July - 4th September 2020 and we will start taking bookings January 2020. To book a course or for more information please call 01628 638860

Bray Lake Watersports has introduced thousands of young people to water sports, many of whom have continued to Sail, Windsurf, SUP, Canoe or kayak with us for years and some have even gone on to become instructors themselves.

These courses are designed for under 15’s, they are fun and educational, challenging and rewarding, whether you want a week long course in the Summer holidays or a birthday party with a difference we have many different options to suit you. For those who are 15 and over we would recommend joining our adult course program however if dates and times are better during the school holidays give us a call and we can have a look at the options.

Once you have learnt the basics you can join our kids/youth watersports club on the weekend so you can work on the skills you have learnt in a fun social environment with a dedicated coach.

Spring 2014 myself and 10 other 14 yrs olds Attended the Assistant instructor course. Through becoming an AI, I am now a qualified SUP instructor and Kayak instructor and am looking to qualify as a Sailing instructor. Before the AI course I had spent most of my summers at Bray Lake learning and gaining experience all the sports but becoming an AI I learnt a wide range of extra skills, it gave me confidence and taught me how to teach myself.

Bray Lake has become a second home and the people there a second family. Working with such a great group of people has made the summer holidays the best time of my life.  Emily Crawshaw