Bray Lake Watersports

Paddle Sport Hire

At Bray Lake there is a wide choice of kayaks, canoes and sit on top kayaks available to hire. Below are the rates per hour for the different equipment types.

Single Kayak / Sit on top Kayak 1 Hour - Members £15 / Non Members £25

Double Sit on top Kayak / Open Canoe 1 Hour - Members £20 / Non Members £30


All hire equipment must be pre-booked. For sit on top kayaks and open canoes this is done online. You can find more information on how to register and book on the home page of the website and also the link to the booking site. Single kayaks need to be pre-booked by calling the centre on 01628 638860. 

Please be aware that beginners can only hire sit on top kayaks and open canoes. Single kayaks are available to those who are at least BC 1 Star or BC Paddle Award Discover level. 


Equipment for Hire

If you hire on a regular basis it might be worth looking at our membership options

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