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RYA Start Sailing Session 1– course price £99.00

This 4 hour introduction session is a great way to experience sailing for the first time and to start your journey into this great water sport. By completing this course you will have achieved some of the essential sailing techniques needed to pass your RYA Start Sailing course. To hire a boat on the lake you will need to complete Session 2

RYA Start Sailing Session 2 - Course Price £99.00

This second 4 hour session will ensure you have all the necessary skills to sail safely in light winds. This course covers all the basics, both theoretical and practical from rigging your boat, sailing techniques and manoeuvres, launching, landing and recovery plus all the safety precautions. On successful completion you will be able to come and hire a boat from us and further develop your skills.

If you book both sessions at the same time you can book at the reduced price of £189.00  and you will also receive 2 hours of hire free.

RYA Basic Skills Session 1 - £99.00

This course is about improving the skills you learnt in your Start Sailing course, and getting you to start thinking independently so you can sail your boat without the instructor and in a variety of conditions.

During this session you will be introduced to the Five Essentials, which are key to understanding the relationship between the boat and sailors actions. Developing your wind awareness, improving your movement and timing around the boat and communication between the crew and helm. Further techniques of launching and landing, coming alongside and reefing are also covered, all of this will help you to sail more competently and confidently.

RYA Basic Skills Session 2 - £99.00

On completion of this course you will be capable of preparing and sailing your boat for and in a variety conditions. You will learn how to tune and reef the sails for different wind strengths and condition and learn different techniques of capsize and man overboard recovery. You will also get time to improve your tacks and gybes working on entrance and exit to these key skills using clear communication and the ‘Five Essentials’.

The aim of the course is to be able to sail the boat independently without an instructor in a variety of conditions and venues.

You can purchase both courses together and get them at the reduced price of £189

Club Coaching - Session Price From £35

Once you have completed your RYA Start Sailing, you will be able to join our supervised hire sessions. These supervised hire sessions run on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 10:00 - 12:00 when there will be an instructor on hand to offer advice and guidance. We run these sessions on a 2 hours for the price of one offer.

Private Dinghy Sailing Tuition

From beginner to expert. Have your own personal coach for two hours or even the day.  A great way to develop new skills, iron out problems and keep you moving forward.  Without doubt one of the most effect ways of getting results.

All of our sailing courses and coaching is available as private tuition where we can work at your speed and work on skills that are specific and relevant to you.

Cost for private tuition including equipment hire is £90 per 2 hour. If you want a half day or full day give the Centre a call for details.

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