Bray Lake Watersports

Swim September

What a Summer!

Great news this is the 4th year that we are open all year around for swimming. We close for only 2 weeks over Christmas. We also have everything you could need to keep you going for those cold swims so come and chat to us in store about what you could need including gloves, boots, dry robes, tow floats, bags and more.

To keep you warm after your swim we will be serving hot food and drink in the cafe all weekend for the rest of the year so you can still get your flat white and pancake fix or tea and porridge to huddle around. 

We have spoken with quite a few of you in the last month or so about the interest in old water swimming, we will be holding a coffee morning at the start of October so you can hear first hand from our cold water swimmers how great it is. Head over to our facebook page and watch out for the event to be listed. 

As you know we introduced the swipe cards this year which although a rocky start have been great success. The card means you can load up with swims which will just roll into next year so do not worry that they need to be used up by a certain date. 


Swim timetable September- December

As the light hours are now starting to get shorter we are adjusting our swim times in accordance to sunrise and sunset. 

From Saturday 8th September weekends will be 7-9.30 am.

From Tuesday 11th  September Tuesdays and Thursdays will be 6.30- 9.30am.

Evenings for September will start at 5.30pm and finish at safe light which for next week is 7.30 and the two weeks after 7pm.

October there will only be morning swims and that will be 7-9.30 am and from 13th October 7.30- 9.30am.

November will be Saturday and Sunday only 7.30 - 9.30 am

December will be Saturday and Sunday only 8- 10 am 



A date just to keep in mind is 29th September. We will be hosting the British SUP club champs and competitors and spectators will be arriving from roughly 6 am. Swimming will be on as usual but it will be busy just to make you aware before you come down.