Bray Lake Watersports

Bray Lake Bathers are still out in force

Cold Water Swimming

When we opened our door back in 1979 we had no idea we would still be going let alone that there would be a demand for open water swimming or that so many of you would want to swim during the winter. Last winter we had on average 15 – 20 swimmers each Saturday morning. This year the demand for our cold water swimming has grown again and we our now open both Saturday and Sunday morning with over 30 people indulging in this refreshing activity. You can find out more about swimming in the Lake during the colder months along with some useful top tips on how to manage the cooler temperatures at

It’s great to see so many of you enjoying the cold water swimming this winter, and especially those of you who are swimming through the winter for the first time. The atmosphere at morning swim sessions has created a real buzz in the clubhouse which is a lovely change for this traditionally quiet time of the year. Seeing everyone chatting and enjoying a cup of tea and crumpet after their swim really inspires the other lake users to get out there despite the weather.   

Check Your Beat – Sports ECG

Two of our regular open water swimmers Nigel and Hilary are offering the chance to have a sports ECG completed. ECGs are a great way for people taking part in all sports to get a cardiac health check and put their mind at ease when exercising. Having an ECG check is particularly important for people cold water swimming due to the extreme situation the body is put in. Simon and Andy have both had their ECG checks and as a surprise to everyone it appears, they do have hearts. They would be happy to chat to you about the process.

Bray Lake Swimmers are currently being offered a discounted price of £30 valid until 1st March 2019. Normal price - £60.

To book your ECG check please email:

Bray Lake Cold Water Swim Festival

On Sunday 3rd February we held our inaugural Cold Water Swim Festival. This was a chance to celebrate our swimmers who have swum regularly throughout the winter. Each swimmer completed a distance of between 100m up to 1 mile with 50% swimming skins (without a wetsuit). Each swimmer was presented with a certificate, medal and a well-earned slice of cake and hot drink. Well done to everyone who took part and thank you to our paddleboard volunteers who provided our on-water safety.

We are going to try and run more events like this so keep an eye on our social media pages.

New Lake Thermometers

This winter we have installed 3 new lake thermometers fitted to the swim route buoys. This allows us to get more accurate and precise readings. We will be updating our swim website with the current temperatures and you can also ask reception staff.