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Watersports Week

There are a range of courses for the young water sports enthusiast.  Typically these courses are an ideal stepping stone from multi-activity and provide the opportunity to achieve stages and levels across windsurfing, dinghy sailing and paddle sports. Our instructors will have you achieving those stages in no time in a safe and fun way.

The minimum age to participate in a water sports week is 10 years old, for those under this age sign up to a multi-activity course or a skill specific course.                  

Beginners Week - Course Price: £270

This course will introduce you to some great water sports and have you working towards RYA Sailing and Windsurfing Stage 1 & 2, BC Paddle Award Start and BSUPA Born to Ride Stand Up Paddleboarding. On successful completion of your course you will be able to use the lake independently and join in on the weekend clubs. This fun packed course will challenge you but also open up the exciting world of water sports and hopefully develop a lifelong passion.

Improvers Week - Course Price: £270

Aimed at all water sports enthusiasts who have already attended our Beginner Watersports Week or have attained the required standards in all three water sports.The course is aimed at fine-tuning the skills you already have, introducing you to new skills and techniques and get you working towards your RYA Stage 2 & 3, BC Paddle Award Discover and BSUPA Ready to Race/Surf. Many of these new skills will require further practice and joining one of our water sports clubs is the ideal way to develop and improve your expertise.

Coaching Week - Course Price: £270

The coaching week will introduce you to new advanced techniques, performance equipment, and improve your theoretical knowledge in all three sports. Minimum skill level required is Stage 3 dinghy sailing and windsurfing, BC Paddlepower Discover or BC Paddle Award Discover and BSUPA Ready to race/surf. Sessions will be suited to both the ability of those on the course as well as weather conditions.

Successfully completion of your coaching week will mean you can move on to becoming an Assistant Instructor at Bray Lake

Assistant Instructor - Course Price: £350

Are you mad for water sports? Train to be an Assistant Instructor and work alongside our fully qualified instructors during the summer gaining some valuable experience as you go.  You need to be aged between 14-16 years and ideally hold the following skill levels:

  • RYA Stage 3 Dinghy Sailing
  • RYA Stage 3 Windsurfing
  • BC Paddlepower Discover or BC Paddle Award Discover

You will be taught how to assist our team of instructors competently, increasing your sailing, windsurfing and paddling skills whilst introducing you to the world of instructing.

The course price also includes annual membership to Bray Lake.

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