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Windsurfing Courses

RYA Start Windsurfing Session 1 - Course Price £89.00

Learn the basic windsurfing skills in just 3 hours, this is a great way to experience windsurfing for the first time. Successful completion of this course will then allow you move onto Session 2 and complete the RYA Start Windsurf course which will allow you to hire equipment and sail independent of an instructor.

In session 1 you will learn how to sail across wind, turn around, launch and land safely and all about your equipment and how to set it up as well as the necessary theory to keep you safe.

RYA Start Windsurfing Session 2 - £89.00

RYA Start Windsurfing session 2 will ensure you have all the necessary skills to sail safely both at Bray Lake and other windsurfing centres. This second session of 3 hours will ensure you achieve the RYA Start Windsurfing Certificate.

You will learn how to tack and gybe, sail up and down wind, steer and develop your understanding of the sport and the necessary safety issues. At the end of the session you will not only take away your certificate but  also one hour of free hire to practise what you have learnt.

To attend the session 2 you must have completed session 1, or have windsurfing experience. Both sessions are available to buy separately however they can be bought together at a discounted package price of £169.00.

This course can be run at the weekend and through the week subject to availability.This course is run on a group tuition basis however can be run privately if you would prefer. Please give our team a call if you would like to know more about private tuition.

Intermediate Windsurf Session - £90

The RYA Intermediate course focuses on the RYA Fastfwd coaching formula. This concentrates on the core elements of Vision, Trim, Balance, Power and Stance which when applied to your windsurfing will help you improve and develop your skills in a variety of conditions and on a variety of equipment.

Once you have been introduced to this proven coaching formula, we can take you through a variety of sessions to improve every part of your windsurfing.These sessions are based around launching and landing, sailing upwind, steering and tacking, sailing down wind and gybing, getting going and blasting control, harnessing stance and footstraps as well as equipment set up.

This course is run as a series of 2 hour private coaching sessions and can be booked individually or as a set. You will need a minimum of three sessions. A 2 hour session is £90.

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